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Osijek is a city in eastern Croatia. Located in a valley on the right bank of the river Drava between 16 th and 24 th kilometer of the mouth of the Danube. It is the largest city in Slavonia, the fourth largest city in Croatia, and the seat of the Osijek-Baranja County. The city is the industrial, administrative, judicial and cultural center. Within the city of Osijek, 11 villages (as of 2006), they are: Elm, Briješće, Josipovac, Klis Nemetin, Osijek, Podravlje, Sarvas, Tenje Tvrđavica, Visnjevac.

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Osijek is composed of the old town, Fort, built mostly in the 18th century, followed by the Upper Town, Lower Town and the New Town (with settlements and South and South II), Flower settlements and Retfala and industrial district. Osijek is a city with the most green and green areas in Croatia in the city is 17 parks with a total area of 394,000 m².

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